People I have met

Marek Cislak the Austrian roommate Robert the German the 2 French girls the restaurateur and his family the turkish woman the 2 grandmothers the guy on his slackline the woman at the restaurant Ma-er Hösel and her big family Sandre & Olivier Lang the woman and her doberman the 2 llamas the neighbours at the campsite Luca and his group of friends the 2 Belgian travelers the woman cyclist the two Austrian women on bikes the postcard seller the Italian cyclist Tomas Joska the Hungarian of the hostel the Italian of the hostel the German of the hostel the receptionist le pizzaiolo the 3 swiss the Hungarian guy the German guy André my great uncle, a cyclist the Vosges family the managers of the campsite A super cool grandma the nomad cyclist My godfather Benoît and Isabelle on mountain bikes the restorer friends

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